XLITE Skateboard Lights (Full Set) with Auto Braking


Full set of Front and Rear facing Rechargeable lights (Skateboard not included unfortunately) 

See and be seen at night with these super bright XLITE skateboard lights.  Each light is independently controlled and can be set to Full Beam, Pulsating, or Strobe.  In addition, the rear (red) lights will motion sense when the board is braking and provide a stronger intensity to signify braking is taking place.  We recommend the strobe setting for the rear lights as this provides greater awareness to others behind you, and has a clearer contrast when braking.

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  • Fits all Onsra skateboards
  • Plug and Play (no wires)
  • They look amazing!
  • Fits securely to the truck mounting
  • Once installed, Lights remove within seconds for charging
  • High Visibility
  • Brake light Automatically comes on
  • 3 light settings; Full beam, Pulsating and Strobe
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting 20+ hours


  • Additional safety and awareness when riding at night
  • Be seen by those in front and behind you
  • Lets others know when you’re braking
  • Each light can be individually set to match different conditions or preferences
  • Easy to install, no fitting of wires
  • Rechargeable, no messing around with batteries
  • LED’s means Low battery consumption = Longer lasting
  • Your board gets an additional cool factor


  • Settings for Front: Full Beam, Strobe or combination
  • Settings for Back: Strobe

The package includes:

  • 2 Front facing white beam lights
  • 2 Rear facing red beam lights
  • 4 mounting brackets
  • 2 charging cables