Questions before buying

If you’re used to riding a skateboard, longboard or mountain board, you’ll quickly adapt to riding the black Carve 2 and Challenger series electric skateboards.

The Challenger series is the closest to a regular non electric skateboard.  Whilst the Black Carve 2 Stealth (Direct drive) and Black Carve 2 Tourer (Belt drive) are more closely related to a longboard.

The Black Carve 2 Explorer (All Terrain) most resembles a mountain board.
Whichever board you choose, you'll get aclimitised to it in no time.


Like the name suggests, Direct Drive means the motors are directly connected to the wheels, whereas Belt Drive motors are connected to the wheels via a belt system.

Both have different advantages; Direct drive motors are quieter (practically noiseless) as there are less mechanics between motor and wheel.  Whilst Belt Drive motors have more flexibility as you can easily adjust the board to use different wheel sizes.  Meaning Acceleration, speed and range are always set to optimal. 
You can watch a video here about it.

They’re both great boards, if you are looking to go off road you’ll need the Black Carve 2 Explorer (Belt Drive).  If you’re looking to stay on pavement/street then the Black Carve 2 Stealth (Direct Drive) or Tourer (Belt Drive) are the ones to go for.  Alternatively, you could go for our Black Carve 2 Combo board (Belt Drive) which gives you everything you need to transform from a Tourer street board to an off road beast like the Explorer. The Black Carve 2 Stealth can still handle mild off road conditions ie short grass etc.

No, the gear ratio is not adjustable on Direct Drive boards, meaning if you were to put All Terrain wheels on a Direct Drive board, you would accelerate very slowly.  A bit like starting a car in 3rd or 4th  gear.  If you feel you may want to ride with All Terrain wheels in the future then choose one of the Black Carve 2 Belt Drive options.

No, when you buy from you are buying from a UK company, with UK support.

No, our boards are ready to go out of the box, although batteries won’t be fully charged.  If you are buying the Black Carve 2 Combo then there will be some assembly if you want to change the wheel set up.

Just press ‘Compare’ on the main menu at the top of the screen.